COURSE PROVIDER: Department of Healthcare and Family Services

COURSE OVERVIEW: Training for hospital staff, contractors, and others who will be responsible for completing an HPE enrollment for eligible patients at the hospital.  Training will cover five topics including:  1) an introduction to Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE); 2) HPE Policy and Rules; 3) Using the ABE Partner Portal to submit HPE enrollments; 4) Completing an HPE enrollment; and 5) steps after an HPE enrollment.  Each section will include informational slides as well as occasional knowledge checks.  Training participants will need to successfully complete an assessment in order to register and use the ABE Partner Portal to submit HPE enrollments. The course also includes a core Medicaid eligibility training module. Taking the additional eligibility training is optional but encouraged before attempting the post-test.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE: This course is designed for hospital personnel who will work on Hospital Presumptive Eligibility, including contractors and others who will collect data from applicants as well as hospital staff who will be submitting HPE enrollments.

COURSE LENGTH: Approximately 90 minutes


To navigate this course, please use the links on this course page, in the order in which they appear.

To receive a certificate of completion for this course, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete a brief demographic survey
  • View the entire HPE training module
  • Pass the post-assessment with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Complete the course evaluation.

Once these steps have been completed, a certificate will be made available on the course page. Once you have received your certificate, the course will be marked as "complete" in our system.

Once you have passed the assessment, completed the course evaluation, and received your certificate, please inform your hospital’s Agency Security Administrator that you have completed the HPE training.